NHPV - Norwegian Human Powered Vehicles
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The IHPVA... a Quest for Innovation

Dedicated to promoting improvement, innovation and creativity in the design and development of human powered transportation.

  • A streamlined recumbent bicycle, Cheetah, has gone 68.7 mph under human power alone.
  • A man-powered airplane, Daedalus, has flown 72 miles across the Aegean Sea.
  • Pedal-powered hydrofoils are breaking Olympic rowing records.

These striking achievments have been the focus of one organization - The International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA).

In the past, sports vehicles - bicycles and rowing shells in particular - have been restricted in their design, to ensure that athletics were primary. These restrictions have inhibited improvements in engineering.

The IHPVA provides an unlimited forum where inventors may test and evaluate new machines through races, symposia and contests. The result? Spectacular increases in speed and performance.

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